Top 5 Best BlackBerry Apps

Let’s go to talk about the Top 5 Best BlackBerry Applications: Vlingo, Where’s My Phone, Google Maps, Photo Studio and UC Browser English.


Vlingo is an application through which you can control your BlackBerry phone via voice recognition system . Some time while you are driving it is difficult for you to manage your phone by typing . So Vlingo make it easy for you , you can update your Facebook or Twitter and obviously voice dial. You can also open certain application. E.g. you can easily open map navigation application on your BlackBerry device. In the paid version you can also send messages .

Where’s My Phone

This is a must have application for all phones . Like other OS now you can also install this security on your BlackBerry phone. If accidently you forgot your device in some place or your phone got stolen or dropped somewhere than if luckily if you have Where My phone installed application on your phone than you can trace your phone via GPS navigation system . Add alert screen message in application with your number . If someone picked your phone than he/she will receive a display message on device and surely there is a chance that he/she will return your device.

Google Maps

BlackBerry maps are available on every device , but if you want to install Google maps on your device for better satellite view , better traffic information then surely Google maps are available on BlackBerry app store for free. If you are using latest device like BlackBerry Z10 than you will have a nice user interface .

Photo Studio

If you want to give a professional looks to your photo than go for Photo Studio a great photography editing application developed by KVADGroup. The application has a large number of filters about 130 + and with 60+ great templates. You can frame your pictures with 100 of designs . and have tons of features like color splash and much more.

UC Browser English

If you are getting annoying with your default BlackBerry browser . Than install UC Browser for your daily browsing. UC Browser will gives you a new way surfing experience on your blackberry device. Adjust your browsing with different networks . The UI is very simple and easy to navigate with your ball . The best feature of UC browser is it can compress your data usage. UC Browser was awarded as the best browser in 2011. People will love the UI . It is the best download for free application for BlackBerry devices.

Top 5 Best BlackBerry Apps

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