Telegram Messenger vs WhatsApp App


Telegram Messenger vs WhatsApp App


WhatsApp and Telegram are two messaging applications that compete very closely and it is no wonder that most of their features are very similar. In this article I will write about one such feature and how it is similar in

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WhatsApp Messenger vs WeChat App


Both WhatsApp and Wechat are popular messaging applications in the communication era. These applications enables individuals to get in touch with others through text messaging, video and audio communications. (125 raters, 416 scores, average: 3.33 out of 5)

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Best Free SMS Texting Apps for Android


The latest smartphones in the market today, such as Nexus 5 come with Hangouts as the default texting and multimedia messaging application. Whereas there is no any offense with this regard, not every person is a Hangout fan. There are

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Top 5 Text Messaging Apps 2015


Text messaging has always been one of the preferred methods of communication between people in this day and age. First introduced during the popularity of pager decades ago, many people favored text messaging for their simplicity and the cheap price

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Top 10 Apps for Job Seekers in the US


Searching for a job is tougher than ever before. The economy is recovering, but the ordinary man on the street has yet to really feel this recovery. If you’ve recently lost your job, or you’re looking for a change of

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Top 3 Apps to Get in Touch with your Pals Who are in Abroad


You might encounter a sudden increase of beautiful views of foreign nations and “Bon Journey!” Facebook statuses, the airplane trip Snapchat reports in your Instagram whilst the spring semester continuously approaches. You’re likely to need to get somewhat creative with

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