Top 10 Apps for Job Seekers in the US

Searching for a job is tougher than ever before. The economy is recovering, but the ordinary man on the street has yet to really feel this recovery. If you’ve recently lost your job, or you’re looking for a change of career, you may wonder where to turn. What follows is a list of the ten best apps for people who want to find a job in the US.

1. LinkedIn

Download the official LinkedIn app for access to the world’s biggest professional network. This will give you the chance to connect with other job seekers, businesses, and maybe even get the chance to get headhunted. It’s a great way to touch base.

2. Jobs by is the largest job site in the US. Use this free app and you’ll gain access to two million job postings on the main site. You can search for any job in any industry at the click of a button.

3. Jobs is another of the big job sites available in the US. This free app lets you connect with your account on the go. Now you can apply for jobs directly from your mobile device.

4. Job Search by’s Job Search app is a powerful search aggregator that scans all the major search engines and job boards online. It’s an easy way to bring all relevant listings together without spending time poring through every single website.

5. Job Search Engine by

LinkUp uses a unique search engine updated on a daily basis. It links the jobs found only on company and employer websites. This will enable you to cover the hidden job market you won’t find on many of the apps already listed here.

6. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is one of the biggest job search engines around. It brings together job postings from all over the web, including online newspapers and company websites. Check back regularly for additional listings from all major industries.

7. SnagAJob

SnagAJob holds a position as a top-ranked search engine in the US for jobs. Detailing a range of full and part-time positions, this free app will give you immediate access to this database of brand new positions.

8. Craigslist for iPhone

Craigslist has a reputation for providing jobs in local areas. If you want access to a number of small and medium-sized businesses within a few miles of home, this is the app for you. The iPhone app features a whole host of features to make browsing listings easier.

9. JobAware Lite

JobAware Lite comes in the form of a free app and a paid app. What makes this app different is the use of the iPhone’s GPS system. You’ll only see jobs within a certain range of your phone. It also comes with a tracker to monitor your progress during the application process.

10. What Color is Your Parachute? Job-Interview Tool

This guide from the author Richard Bolles is currently the most popular guide to getting a job in the world. It comes with a range of great tips for coming across well in an interview, choosing the right role, and creating your application. Use this alongside the other apps listed in this blog.

These are just some of the apps available to help with your job search. Whilst there are hundreds of these apps, these are the best ones we’ve chosen. Take note that some of them are designed for the iPhone and some of them are for Android. There will be alternatives for each platform, so feel free to look elsewhere if you find them incompatible.

Top 10 Apps for Job Seekers in the US

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