Top Android Business Apps

Android is playing very vital role in Business managements applications. There are tons of applications have been developed on Android in business management . A fast moving trend is people now a days buying more Android tablets for business. Several platforms have been developed on Android OS to run your company in a new way. You can chat, conference calls, meetings and even group task in an online apps. Some of the best Android Business managements apps are Freshdesk, Wrike, Google My Business, Business Plan and Startups and Invoice2go.


Freshdesk is an which can tracks all your business steps in a very efficient way. You can do a fast and efficient setup by it. It also supports multi-channel facilities like email, chat and much more. It supports multi languages. It is purely integrated with Google apps , SugarCRM and more. It works just like a customer management team.


Wrike gives you the best real time business place for your team mates. It works fantastic for your organization. You can save and arrange your meetings automatically in calendars. It is heavily sync with your Google and Dropbox integrations for storage. It can track all the outgoing and in going transaction of your business. You don’t need to pay extra money to hire some other staff member to save your company financial records. The UI of the app is very smooth and user friendly form which user can go through. It has strong securitysystem. It provide you a real-time teamwork simulator for projects. In the end of every day you will have a complete progress report. You can easily create task list for your employ, it automatically sync to their calendars.

Google My Business

Google itself has also developed an app to enhance your business experience. Today before going to anywhere people first read review form on Google maps. From this app you can give right description for your business . Give contacts detail so they can respond you more quicker and also forward some reviews about your business. Form this app you can directly connect with the customer and also you can track your daily insight.

Business Plan and startups

Before establish a business you have to make a perfect business plan. It involves several important points like how to build it? what is point of interest? what customer you are facing? what is your competition? and much more. All the best tips and tricks you can easily find in this android apps. So must try it.

Invoice2go – Invoice App

It is another very cool and best apps to estimate your bills, revenue and reports. You can easily install in on your Android phone, but it works more efficient on Android tablets. You can easily sync all you office files on its cloud account. It just like a mini business monitor.

Top Android Business Apps

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