Top 5 Text Messaging Apps 2015

Text messaging has always been one of the preferred methods of communication between people in this day and age. First introduced during the popularity of pager decades ago, many people favored text messaging for their simplicity and the cheap price that entails the service. Within the advancement of technology, text messaging has evolved and came with wide variety of app brands that offer several advanced capabilities such as to add multimedia files into the conversation or even connects several people in one group chat.

With many varieties of text messaging app nowadays, it is easy to confuse you out on picking which app that will be suited for you to use. Below here the top 5 text messaging apps that we specifically choose as the best apps of 2015. Do note that we will covers on the prominent feature of the apps, while their basic function is the same with the others; sending a text message.

5 Messaging Apps

download whatsapp

Download WhatsApp Messenger


Download Weixin – Wechat


Download Kik Messenger


Download Snapchat


Download Line Messenger


Top 5 Text Messaging Apps 2015

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