Best Free SMS Texting Apps for Android

The latest smartphones in the market today, such as Nexus 5 come with Hangouts as the default texting and multimedia messaging application. Whereas there is no any offense with this regard, not every person is a Hangout fan. There are plenty of texting and messaging apps for android which can be used effectively by those people who enjoy using smartphones for texting.


For a very long time, many people have used this application. This app was otherwise improved with unique features recently. Currently, it has got a friendly and bright interface. With its free version, you will enjoy features like sticky conversations, messaging encryption, as well as Dual SIM messaging support. By acquiring the Pro version, you can advance to the use of features like free themes, cloud message backup, and privacy features.

Google Messenger

Google Message has got very many similarities with Hangouts, but with it the complications of using Google Hangouts has been simplified. You can easily send recorded messages and send photos with this app. Other useful features in the free version include a material design interface which is eye-soothing.

Chomp SMS

This app has been present in the market for a lengthy time period. It is otherwise important to note the recent improvements in its features. Currently it has got some quick reply popups, customization options, android wear compatibility, Push-bullet, blacklists, more intense privacy options, message app lock, passcode app lock, and a wide array of emoji’s.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS app can be termed as the most appealing and beautiful texting app currently in the market. This app has got an Android L material design that was incorporated by the developer among other features like floating notifications, notification types, a heap load of signature, and quick reply.


The difference between 8sms and the texting app that we have discussed above is the ease to use and adopt. 8sms has got lots of similarities with the average stock messaging app with some added features like pop-up reply which is quick. This application is free in the market. It is also important to note that ads will begin to appear after the lapse of the two weeks trial period where they will last until you make a donation.


HoverChat brings the cool pop-up bubble function that is similar to that of Link Bubble or Facebook chat on your SMS application. This gives the implication that you will be able to respond to text messages no matter which screen app you are currently on. With it, you can easily multitask between different apps.

Handcent SMS

This is a good alternative of the SMS application. Whereas the app has been present in the market for a good time, it has received some recent improvements. Other features of Handcent includes themes galore, scheduling messages, as well as the ability to customize the app in a way that you can handle outgoing and incoming messages.

Best Free SMS Texting Apps for Android

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