WhatsApp Messenger vs WeChat App

Both WhatsApp and Wechat are popular messaging applications in the communication era. These applications enables individuals to get in touch with others through text messaging, video and audio communications.

However, it’s worth noting that despite all the communicative features, messaging remains the core medium between the hand held devices.¬†Although these two applications appear to be same, we chat app is more advance than all the other messenger apps. For instance, we-chat has a function that allows for free voice and video calls to other we-chat members. This article gives a review of features between the two apps. The following features makes a we chat app to be more ideal than the WhatsApp.

Group Messaging

This messaging platform is limited on WhatsApp to a maximum of thirty members only. On the other hand, in WeChat the messaging platform allow a larger capacity of up to forty members.

Video Call

WeChat app supports video call utility over a Wi-Fi or a 3G network.it therefore allow members to see each other when they are talking. This feature is not supported by the WhatsApp software.

Hold to Talk

WeChat app easily solve the hassle of regular typing of messages on the phone keypads.it allows users to press the hold to talk button to record and send the message. This is very different from the voice search because the message goes as a voice recording and not as a text. Contrary to this, WhatsApp does not have this feature.


Emoticons effectively communicate people’s mood and thus they are preferred by many massagers. Although WhatsApp has good emoticons embedded, WeChat have the best array of the icons. It’s possible to customize an image of own choice, convert and send it as an emoticon.

Social Network Integration

WeChat app supports social networks unlike WhatsApp which is just an instant massager.


Many people like WhatsApp because it allows them to share pictures and video clips easily. However, WeChat take it to the next level with a feature called moments. This feature allows sharing the moments with the entire world.

Look Around

WeChat app is not restricted within the network unlike WhatsApp. Users can cam look around for active online users in the network.


It’s a feature installed on the WeChat app that enable users to shake their phones searching for active members to chat with. WhatsApp doesn’t support this app.


Unlike WhatsApp that charges a nominal after a period of usage. WeChat guarantee free services always.

From the above reviews I highly recommend for a WeChat application rather than a WhatsApp because the former has more ideal functions than the later.

WhatsApp Messenger vs WeChat App

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