Facebook Messenger Vs. Google Hangouts

Facebook is the most popular social media having billion active users it allows one to connect with any other users for free through exchange of SMS, MMS channels. The Facebook Messenger app supports Android, IOS, and blackberry which basically gives you a mobile version of Facebook message on the go. The App helps interact with friends on Facebook or one can use it to receive and send messages with friends who arent using Facebook. Facebook messenger integrated with a window desktop client which helps one not to pick a phone but remain with the messages you are sending through Facebook.

Using Facebook messenger through confirming your phone number with Facebook one can reply the messages sent to him depending on the location one is whether the app installed or not.The app supports text, images,location sharing and WI-FI voice calls. However, the app works best when everyone is using Facebook messenger which does not cost you anything but it wont stop you if they’re not which it will route your message out to traditional channels.

Due to Different in what way?different ways Google Voice and Google Hangout operates we decided to combine them because Hangout has a clear direction that Google involved in doing while voice may very well come along for the ride. Voice come along with many advantages like,it give you a way to send and receive messages without going through your carriers. It also helps see and respond to messages on your computer in your Google Voice account. Unlike the Google voice Hangout offers a completely data and WI-FI driven text replacement which is a combination of IM, group texting ,location sharing and photo sharing all available on ios or Android smartphone through any Google service or Google Talk.

In US and Canada international calls through voice are completely free and are subject to Google rates but are almost lower than carrier rates. Messages sent between Google talk/hangouts users stay in the hangouts app while SMS messages sent to your Google voice number is live in thse meesenger appas are available online but people consider it just a matter of time before they combine. Android phone or have hangout installed are the best in chatting, sending photos and videos and can bring other people on a conversation and even start a video call for free.However, if you prefer using a service to send SMS it absolutely free and you wouldn’t go through your carrier.Google Voice is a wonderful choice too.

Facebook Messenger Vs. Google Hangouts

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