Google Announces the Best Apps for Project Tango

Earlier this year, Google initiated a contest to see the types of apps that developers could produce for Project Tango, which is the archetype Android device that trails 3D motion and maps the world around it. The results are now in, as the company pronounced the general winner and three group winners selected by the Project Tango community.

190 original proposals were submitted, 10 finalists and 36 prototypes as part of the Project Tango App Contest, together with 3 of the 4 highlighted apps being mobile games.

WeR Cubed, which is a riddle game founded by HeroicArcade that expects the user to move and flip above cubes, making use of motion to complete levels that are presented in 3D, was declared overall winner.

Ghostly Mansion, which is also another 3D riddle game, was the winner of the best entertainment or best game app. The player in Ghost Mansion is a prisoner in a mansion. You have the aptitude to walk around the mansion to look for clues to your death to put you at peace, by making use of Tango.

In the virtual reality or the augmented app category, InnAR Wars was declared the winner in the final game that was recognized. InnAR Wars developed by FLARB is a real-time multiplayer game set in space, where the players walk around a room filled with asteroid and planets asteroid fields. Making use of a mining laser to collect NRG for upgrades and attacks, the gamer must locate the bases to attack the ships of the opponents and occupy planets.

Phi3D for Tango from DotProducts that occupied the top spot in the utility category was the only app recognized not to be a game. The app allows its users to capture 3D models in real-time, as a result, you are able to walk around a room, and the app will offer a 3D model of your environment with specific measurements.

These apps offer us a quick look at what we can expect to see by making use of Project Tango. Google is giving a discount of its development kit for half of its price for the first 400 people who register.

Google Announces the Best Apps for Project Tango

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