Best 5 Kindle Fire HDX Apps

Some of the best Kindle Fire HDX Apps are Instapaper,, Sketch Book Pro App, Battery HD Pro App and Neocal Advance Calculator App. Here we can review the apps:

Instapaper App

If you love to read article on the web , then download instapaper on your Kindle Fire HDX tablet. On the desktop if you find some news interesting to save it you have to install a simple extension on your browser . Click on it to save your link for later on reading it is more convenient way to save you interesting article . After saving these article on extension , these will instantly be available of on your Kindle device. App

If you have a hectic daily routines and you forget to do your task , than don’t worry is made for you . You can save your daily planning on it . You can add Google calendar for synchronization . The application has very easy UI . You can save your reminder by just speaking . Very easy way to save your reminder and manage them .You can save your notes easily and make lists for shopping. You can shake your device to snooze your task and after done with the task just swipe left to dismiss it .

Sketch Book Pro App

Sketch Book Pro is an application for those who loves to draw something on their tablets . The Sketch Book provide with the true actual experience for sketching . You can choose different brushes for painting . The application support multi touching . Inside app you have variety of brush library with hundred of presets. Yu can also customize the UI .

Battery HD Pro App

Mostly user are always anxiously about their tablet battery life . They always complain about battery. It would be good for you if you know after how long you will need to charge your battery again. So Battery HD Pro is an application which track your battery life and do tell you in advance about your battery life . It will tell you with the aspects of certain applications . for more information go to amazon store .

Neocal Advance Calculator App

A survey have shown the Tablet is an essential tool for student . A student can take much advantage of it . In book readings, In taking notes and save them with a respective dates . Set different remainders and much more . A must have application I found for your Kindle Fire tab is Neocal Advance Calculator . The application has about every possible math’s function .On the left hand side you have a great number of settings and guidance .A must have application.

Best 5 Kindle Fire HDX Apps

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