Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ features released based on your conversations

Whenever you write a sentence in the Facebook Messenger which you mention about owing someone some amount of money, the Messenger will recommend you to use the payment features. If anyone greets “Good-Bye,” the app will suggest the “Bye-Bye” stickers or GIFs. That is how new M feature of Facebook works.

The artificial intelligence mechanism of Facebook will privately conjugate these suggestions above the pre-planned message maker in your chats, and your friends could not see them unless you allow them to be viewed. M suggestions have been rolled out for all Android and iOS users within the US. The feature is planned to strive for becoming the profound replacement of mobile SMS. Other than stickers and payment methods, M feature can also help you in suggesting the location sharing, reminders, polls in group chats and ridesharing features.

The old M features and the new M features

You may remember the old M features which were tested in 2015. After that, a little amount of users has been permitted to send M messages, which it tends to complete, first trusting in AI to analyze the queries and backing from the answers which it already knows. If it is confusing, it gets back to the group of human staffers who tend to aid, and then impart the ideas about the M suggestions for doing the task.

Now, the genuine version of the M suggestion continues to aid users in understanding and learning about the M requests for building what people need. Especially, the open M will be used to send requests for the closed beta testing so that Facebook can find which jobs AI can do and which text shows the intent.

Facebook’s earliest personal help

The M suggestions will pave a wider way to the Facebook’s AI for a large number of audience. Using the new Facebook Messenger composing design, most of the options because of its various features have got collapsed in the expandable pop-up menu. However, M suggestions will rush them out.

And is you still hate this M suggestions feature, you can utilize the mute settings for turning off the particular types of suggestions. Even though it is just an artificial intelligence, not the human or any other user, few people may get freaked out due to the scanning process of Facebook Messenger to offer these recommendations

Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ features released based on your conversations

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