How to use the Facebook Messenger Live Location Map

To use the location map, you can share your location by tapping the location button in the message thread or by clicking on the menu button and you will be taken to the map page. Tap on the blue icon shown on the map to start sharing your location.

After sharing your location, the receiver will be able to see your exact location car for the next one-hour and the time it will take you to be with them.

However, immediately after you start sharing your location, a clock located in a corner of the map will start counting down but if you want to stop sharing before the 60 minute expires you can but if you don’t stop sharing until the time finish counting down, messenger will automatically stop sharing your location to the recipient.

The only problem users face with the most location-sharing app is that GPS needs to turn on always before you can start sharing location but this feature drains your Smartphone’s energy faster. The Good news is that Facebook has confirmed that the Messenger location-sharing app uses a minimized amount of battery, In the words of Marcus, He said: “we put a lot of time and effort into the feature and this help minimize it battery consumption to the point you wouldn’t have to think about it”.

How to use the Facebook Messenger Live Location Map

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