iPhone 8 Testified to Be in the Mass Production: Contrary to the previous reports

Defying the older rumors that provide the mass production of the iPhone 8 whilst the later stage, as the sources close to this matter reported that the production of the edge-to-edge phone has been started already, though there are few chances that the phone will get limited units up during the sale at its initial stages. Many of the suppliers by Apple expect that production of iPhone 8 will reach the high standards, providing the high profits and revenues.

All of the three iPhone versions are expected to be released in September: including iPhone 8, iPhone 7s plus, and iPhone 7, as per the reports made by DigiTimes. The claims show that the production of iPhone 8 has already been started which means that it is possible that the restricted supplies of the A11 chip-powered phone will not be experienced as the Apple officially initiates to sell the massive amount of units.

But, remember that only because of the start of the production stage of the iPhone 8, this can’t be said that the problems aren’t going to be created during this stage. The owner of the company, Ming Chi Kuo has mentioned that about 2 to 4 million units of this phone will be available for the sale at the start, however, this figure can reach to about 45 to 60 million units as the end of the year comes. May be the largest factor which may create the complications is the OLED panel system.

Apple requires the pristine quality of the elements as that of Samsung but it may possible that the small amount of the display may end up in the garbage due to failing to maintain the high standards of quality which company needs.

The iPhone 8 has been found to get the 5.8-inch OLED panel display but for increasing the overall capacity of the battery power of the phone, the company may have installed the use of the substrate such as PCB which is expected to be found in the Samsung Galaxy S9 too. The question is that whether the users will be able to gear up for purchasing the iPhone 8 or they will feel that there are much better alternate options going in the pipeline. Reviews on this are yet to come and may create the amazing trends for the companies.

iPhone 8 Testified to Be in the Mass Production: Contrary to the previous reports

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