The Motherboard Schematics of iPhone 8 Leaked Once again

You see the leaks related to the Apple iPhone 8 every new day. The flagship by Apple in 2017 will release too many ends where Cupertino got slacked off during past few years. The trend of Apple of staying in its own bubble without following the market trends will always be loved by its users. It is though the procedure which initiated during the era of Steve Jobs.

However, as he had many good logics of doing so, the present firm’s leadership reaches to the things much abruptly. Presently, more details related to the iPhone 8 have got to the surface of the online world. Here are the few.

Motherboard Schematics of the iPhone 8 Surface in the Alleged CAD Drawings

Apple’s iPhone 8 will be an amazing phone. Even though the main focus of the company is on the design (which means aesthetics apparently), the firm frequently launches the devices having the smart hardware properties too. One of the best features of iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 is the dedicated ISP. It is first of its kind made by the company and moves the phone lineup far better than the predecessors.

Nowadays, it is starting to look like that you will get the same kind of features in the iPhone 8. Few of the earliest leaks related to the phone, well far before the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, was that its motherboard will be in L shape. Now, there are few alleged schematics of the phone’s motherboard are found too. While they don’t assure the alleged design upgrade, but they resemble the older leaks.

If the leaks are not incorrect, then the CPU and the NAND storage of iPhone 8 can be seen clearly from the top. But, as it is just a schematic and not a visual arrangement, so what method Apple will adopt to save the space in design is still unknown. Few forums claim that the L shaped of mother board will save a lot of internal spacing on the phone, while Apple is working on splitting the phone’s hardware into two parts.

There are many rumors regarding the upgrades of iPhone 8. Most importantly, the feature of facial recognition will be included in the phone. The HomePod recommended that the iPhone 8 will respond to the simple head gestures, like the ability to mute the notifications if you are looking at it. This sounds really futuristic but no one can underestimate Apple.

The Motherboard Schematics of iPhone 8 Leaked Once again

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