Exploring the adoption of Smartphone Technology

Much progress has been made in the investments being done in sharing of the wireless technology manufacturing and service providing companies. This wireless industry has remained a cool spot for rendering the technology gap in a beautiful way. The plenty of business opportunities is available as the wireless usage has been trending in both well-developed and underdeveloped markets.

And raising the trend of this usage, there are many products introduced including smartphones whose features are able to deploy the amazing technologies like 3G third generation wireless networks.

Feature-Rich Smartphones

Smartphones are more than the just simple mobile device; they are the mobile phones which are equipped with the amazing functions of the personalized digital assistance. They cover a wide range of features and attributes into a headset which makes them a portable information gadget as well as the entertainment sources for the customers. Smartphones are usually own the features like web browsing, emailing service, and multi-functional abilities, some of the designs have sufficient power to run the complicated software technologies such as the corporate related software for customers or car navigation systems.

Smartphones, A Rising Section of the Handset Market

Smartphones show a little, yet a fast growing section of the handset market. A strategic analysis done on the usage of smartphones revealed that the sales of smartphones have reached to 17. 5 million units in just 2004 covering 3% of the total worldwide sales of 684 million hand devices. But, this is a huge jump from the 8.2 million units which were purchased in 2003.

The demand for smartphones has been expanded very fast in the upcoming years. By the end of 2009, the number of smartphone units which were purchased in this year reached to 125 million which accounts for the 16% of the total hand device industry across the world.

Smartphone Early Adoption Led by Asia and Europe

The adoption of smartphones has been specifically very fast in Asia and Europe. The violent disposition of progressive wireless networks in these continents has been fortified during the early adoption of smartphones.

The Pacific region of Asia has presently accounted for 39% of the total smartphone sales which were made worldwide with the South Korea and Japan being the leading regions of the smartphone usage. Most of the analysts are hopeful that sales of smartphones will exceed in Europe than Asian market in the coming few decades.

Exploring the adoption of Smartphone Technology

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