Top 10 SMS Messaging Apps for Your Android Phones

A good reason people prefer Android over iOS is the ability to choose your apps. It is up to you to use a default app in the phone – and this feature makes it the leading OS for phones. Messaging apps are quite popular among people these days who find it hard to attend calls all the time. That is why new messaging apps are developed now and then. So, let us bring you the top 10 SMS messaging apps available for your convenience.

Textra SMS

Textra has been designed with a variety of GIFs, emotes, themes and popup features. It can undoubtedly be considered a new generation messaging app.


This app is known for its responsive features which allow not only messaging but free calling. You can share your media files on this app conveniently.


Interrupting networks are not a problem for this commendable app. This app ensures that your SMS reaches its destination without fail.

Hello SMS

This app is quite popular in tablet phones where you can send SMS to multiple contacts at the same time. The flexible interface lets you have conversations efficiently.

Handcent SMS

Why use a boring SMS service when you can use this customizable messaging app for interesting conversations. Customize this beautiful app with skins and similar attributes.


Google+ lets you enjoy the hangouts session with multiple contacts where you can have convenient conversations with each other.


This is a powerful messaging app that allows you to talk to your contacts quite capably. Frequent updates make its features more responsive and user-friendly.

For continuous MMS and SMS features can combine conversations from various contacts quite efficiently.


When you look up for an app that features all the popular social messengers in one, not forgetting the usual SMS and MMS features, then you can count on Contacts+. The app carries messengers such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and many more.


What makes 8sms number one on the list is its formidable responsive abilities. Besides the app’s latest version is fully capable of handling KitKat and Cyanogen Mods, which are quite popular among Android users. The features that it provides comprise from the basic messaging to efficient uploading of media files. A variety of emojis makes the app quite interesting to use.

Top 10 SMS Messaging Apps for Your Android Phones

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