Top 4 VOIP Apps for your iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPads are known for their quality apps. The latest addition of iOS 8 has led to enhanced apps that are time upgraded for your entertainment. Addition of new features in the already existing apps has delivered a responsive approach that has made it easier to manage your daily schedule. VOIP or Voice over IP apps is becoming popular day by day. Their performance might lead to making it the most preferred technology to communicate. Standard call usage has gradually decreased because internet connectivity has created it convenient for people to get in touch easily.

However, there are many VOIP competitors in the market and to choose the best for your usage is quite tedious. To know the best VOIP apps that you can use on your iPhone and iPad let us bring you’re a top 4:


If you are a resident of US then, it might be possible that your iPhone or iPad has this app installed in it by you. Talkatone has been quite popular in US and Canada because of its cheap call facilities outside US and Canada, consistent network, and free unlimited calling in Canada and US through your personal Google Voice account. If you have WIFI available in your vicinity then, you can use that connection for free calls with the person using Talkatone.


Viber has earned a reputation globally making it one of the most convenient VOIP apps present today. And not just calls, but also free video calls and texting features to other Viber suing people can be facilitated through your WIFI connections. It synchronizes your contact list through your phone number making it easier to locate friends using Viber.


This app is also quite popular among Americans and Canadians as they provide high-quality features to its users. An HD voice and videos conference with up to 10 people makes it a commendable VOIP app.

FaceTime Audio

With the addition of iOS 8 the new FaceTime can be enjoyed through its smooth features. The app has been the building block for VOIPs in iPhones and iPads today. When referring to FaceTime you would automatically think about an iOS gadget. Its standard is well known among the iOS users which makes it one of the best VOIP apps present today. Surely it deserves the number one spot on the list.

Top 4 VOIP Apps for your iPhone and iPad

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