Android 6 versus iOS 9

Android 6 and iOS 9 has remained steady, mainly as the most preferred operating systems in many smartphones. The growth in the Android market has been stimulated by big updates from Apple and Google. With this respect, it has become very difficult to define which one of the two Android operating systems is the winner.


Notably, neither iOS 9 nor Android 6 can be said to have been designed with unique visual features. Therefore, Google Corporation came into play to engineer these operating systems and give them a new stunning look. These visual changes have greatly affected the preferences of the user regarding which operating system to use. This is because both have achieved a chunky and elegant look that catches the attention of the beholder.

For instance, Android 6 have been designed with a marshmallow and vibrant looks that make it offer a good user interface. It also has a classic line that is meant to provide a card-based interface. On the other hand, iOS 9 have been designed with a more classy appearance hence shifting from it earlier idiosyncratic look. The differences between this two operating systems can be well described if users log in to either iCloud or Google Drive.

The Major Differences

In spite of their magnificent looks both Android 6 and iOS 9 have irreconcilable differences. Although the two mobile operating systems have undergone serious visual changes, Android have remained the king in the Android market. For example, using Android 6 users can easily customize their display with a calendar while iOS 9 users can only add widgets in the notification center.

Based on the Apple Corporation technological advancements iOS 9 app have been able to adequately address the issue of security or privacy hence putting it ahead of Android 6 experiences. Another chief distinguishing factor between the two operating systems is that using iOS 9 users can easily update their systems. In the case of Android 6 the experience is frustrating.


Recently, Android 6 have been able to catch up with iOS 9 hence there are at par mainly in terms of user’s preferences and use. For instance, the Android 6 apps have recorded advancements in areas like software permissions systems and fingerprint recognition that iOS have been enjoying for some time. While iOS have added features like black button and low battery mode that Android 6 users have been enjoying for a moment. Besides, the two software have advanced with feature like mobile payment services and notification actions and pop-ups which make them unique.

Bottom line

Android 6 is the more customizable and open of the two systems. This is because iOS 9 provides a less fragmented and a more private user experience. For this reason, android 6 is more preferred than iOS 9.

Android 6 versus iOS 9

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