Instagram allows you to post up to 10 media files in 1 swipeable ride

Instagram wants to make you share a more comprehensive view of your personal experiences in a classic way, not just in the form of the simple Snapchat clone. Presently, Instagram released the feature of sharing a mixture of up to ten media files including photos and videos in the form of a single ride.

You can post this stuff which will be viewed as one swipe for your friends and followers. You can consider it as an album which collects the fixed photos or videos with a particular theme. This feature will be available for Android and iOS platform in next few weeks.

As Instagram states about it that users have no longer to select the one best photo or video to be shared. In this way, you would be able to see the highlights in a single row. If Instagram can release the pressure of posting only one photo in stories, then it will also develop lure for more stuff to satisfy its monthly 600 million users.

Today when Instagram users want to post anything in news feed, they have to choose the multiple photos by tapping on a button. You can also edit the photos and videos or apply a filter on each one of them, place them in order or tag your friends on them. There is an option of describing the location and putting a caption as well as likes and comments, for the whole post. All of this display is in square format for now.

After sharing the post, your friends will be able to see the blue dots on their feed to show that it a single swipe post. They can swipe to see the photos and videos one at a time. It is suggested that you may use the novel feature of sharing the memorable media with your friends in the form of a single post. Instagram has first released the photos carousel ad post in 2015 and expanded this feature for videos last year. Now it works for sharing up to 10 photos or videos at a time.

By bringing up this feature, Instagram may be able to make the swiping pattern customizable on posts, which could allow users to get into the carousel ad in detail. And if it suits users they can use it to tell their stories, which will increase the usability of Instagram over Snapchat.

Instagram allows you to post up to 10 media files in 1 swipeable ride

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