How Google Play Store Works

The first thing you have to do to access the Google Play Store app is to use the Sprint 4G, Wi-Fi or data connection of your phone to connect to the Internet and then sign in to your Google account. After signing into Google account, you can find and install Google Play Store app.

Very Important: Be aware of the fact that the Sprint policies are always applicable to the applications of third-parties. Hence, your personal information may be accessed by third-party or need Sprint to disclose your customer information to any third party application provider. You can go to the website of the third-party to check out their policies to find out how they are going to use, access, disclose, or collect your personal information. Don’t make use of the application, if you are not satisfied with the application policies of the third-party.


  • Password protection and advanced file encryption to keep your files secure
  • Google Docs will let you create, edit and collaborate on Office-style documents like spreadsheets, word processor docs, and presentations
  • Picasa allows for photo management
  • Google Video feature allows you to upload and share videos

Ease of Use

Using Google Play Store app is easy, although it is somehow burdensome to manage all your content. On the other hand, you may not like all the available Google apps.


With an Internet connection, users can access content stored via Google on any device.


  • There are different types of apps for different types of content and Google doesn’t central portal or interface for the apps.
  • Lack of seamless integration between each of its apps may hinder usability for some users

How Google Play Store Works

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