7 Really Cool Features of the BBM Messenger App

Download BBM Messenger App and you will know the 7 really cool Features of this great Messenger Application on iPhone, Blackberry & Android. Check features list below:

  1. Ability to communicate your feelings with emoticons for every emotion and mood that you might be experiencing.
  2. You will be able to see when your contacts are responding to your messages even before they click send’
  3. It allows contacts to view your location on a live map that has been powered by Glympse*.
  4. Share instant messages like voice notes, documents, files, and photos.
  5. Ability to say “Hello” by the help of the BBM voice. This is a free voice calling service amid BBM contacts.
  6. You will be able to know when the messages have been read and delivered with “R’s” and “D’s” respectively.
  7. And most importantly, will always be on and connected, you will not be prompted to open the app so that you can use it. This is just like other popular apps like Whatsapp.

Download BBM Messenger here: BBM Messenger

7 Really Cool Features of the BBM Messenger App

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