Which is better, Tango vs Viber

To differentiate between Tango and Viber, we have to first know of their functionalities. Since both these applications were designed for the same objectives, they share a few similarities as well. For example, both can make calls to the person who has the application installed in their smartphone or PC. They run very well on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. They also allow for easy registration through their mobile phones or PC, and both are available to the user free of cost. Both these applications scan the user’s contact list and add any contacts that are using the same software.

If we differentiate between Tango and Viber, there are certain limitations that we come across.

For example, The Viber App allows us to send text messages, chat with friends, share photographs and videos, over the Viber Network.This is not permitted in Tango.

On the other hand, Tango App allows us to make video calls, play games with our friends. These are features that are missing in Viber.

We cannot say which is better than which, as each has its advantages and disadvantages. If your primary objective is to play games or make video calls, Tango is the way to go. However, if other features like photograph and video sharing, voice calls are your requirement the Viber would be a superior choice.

Another additional feature that is available on Viber is that you can share your location with friends that is unavailable on Tango.

Both, Tango and Viber are multi-platform application software which are supported by different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows 8, etc. and PC’s. We can only wait and see if they develop a platform where both these applications can run simultaneously, to end the race of Viber vs. Tango.

After differentiating between the two, the fight boils down to user’s needs. If the user has a need of sending SMS, voice calls or pictures then Viber wins over Tango. However, if video calling is required or if you want to play games with friends during calls then you should go with Tango.

Moreover, the total number of installs per device is higher for Tango with a total of 35% of total installations whereas Viber has only 16% of installations, which indicates a greater popularity of Tango over Viber.

The total number of downloads are split evenly between Tango and Viber with each commanding a one-third share in the total number of downloads.

Which is better, Tango vs Viber

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