Top 5 Android Apps for Older People & Seniors

Let’s talk about Top 5 Android Applications for Old People such as Blood Pressure Watch, World Newspaper, Old Person app, Skype and Unblock Me free.

Blood Pressure (BP) Watch

BP watch is a best-build application of all the time. It helps you to monitor your Blood pressure . The applications has a very cool UI through user can easily navigate through. You can set reminders . It display the stats of your data in a very pictorial way. You can watch your daily monitoring in a color coded graph. Some are the features of Blood Pressure. It can save records , You can also update your previous measurements. Also you can delete the records. You can export your records any time you want.

World Newspaper

Most of the people are regualar news reader . Rather than other activities they find their great interest in reading different news. Android make it more easier for the people , now download and install world newspaper applications on your Android device (better to install this application on your Tab). This applications is not valid only for a specific region , you can read world wide news from through this app. The UI of the app is very simple and clear. You can also watch video news . Save your news for offline reading . Application includes many features like Bookmarks , Translate page , RSS reader and much more.

Old Person app

The applications is very useful for every person. It has three best features A magnifying glass , A torch light and A quick note pad. Often you want to take an urgent note e.g you want to buy some items for house for that you are going to make a huge list for item you want to buy . So you can easily take quick note from this app. With the help of magnifying glass you can zoom whatever you want , it can help you while reading newspapers. Torch is also very beneficial for all .


Also I want to add a skype in this list . Mostly old people spend all the day their time in sitting in front of social media networks like Skype . They feel very pleasure while talking to their relatives.

Unblock Me free

The best puzzle game every build for everyone. All you need to unblock the red color block . Swipe different blocks and find a path for red block. You can set different levels to judge your sharpness. These strategy games help you to improve your mind level.

Top 5 Android Apps for Older People & Seniors

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