Best 5 Video Chat Apps For Android 2014


Best 5 Video Chat Apps For Android 2014


The telephone is old school technology now; video chat is the way to go for communication these days. iPhone users boast about their Facetime, but there are plenty of Android apps that offer the same, or better, functionality. You’ll probably

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Top 5 Best BlackBerry Apps

blackberry apps

Let’s go to talk about the Top 5 Best BlackBerry Applications: Vlingo, Where’s My Phone, Google Maps, Photo Studio and UC Browser English. Vlingo Vlingo is an application through which you can control your BlackBerry phone via voice recognition system .

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Top 5 Chat Apps for Kids and Teens

messenger apps kids

It is really interesting to note how the world of technology goes through various trends and each of these trends has a lot to offer to the users. Right from the time when the computers were introduced, to these contemporary

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Top 4 VOIP Apps for your iPhone and iPad

voip apps iphone ipad

iPhone and iPads are known for their quality apps. The latest addition of iOS 8 has led to enhanced apps that are time upgraded for your entertainment. Addition of new features in the already existing apps has delivered a responsive

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Top 10 SMS Messaging Apps for Your Android Phones

Top 10 Best Android SMS Apps

A good reason people prefer Android over iOS is the ability to choose your apps. It is up to you to use a default app in the phone – and this feature makes it the leading OS for phones. Messaging

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Most Popular Text Messaging Apps in Asia

Text messaging apps in Asia

The market of typical text messaging has been dethroned by a number of new, funky and easy to use messaging apps. In fact, online app messaging comes with a lot of benefits over the former. These online apps are easy

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