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Top 10 SMS Messaging Apps for Your Android Phones

Top 10 Best Android SMS Apps

A good reason people prefer Android over iOS is the ability to choose your apps. It is up to you to use a default app in the phone – and this feature makes it the leading OS for phones. Messaging

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Most Popular Text Messaging Apps in Asia

Text messaging apps in Asia

The market of typical text messaging has been dethroned by a number of new, funky and easy to use messaging apps. In fact, online app messaging comes with a lot of benefits over the former. These online apps are easy

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Top 5 Android Apps for Teenagers 2014

Apps for Teenagers

It’s 2014, and our world is no longer contained in the four walls that make up our residence—instead, it is defined by the apps on our smartphones. Those smartphones, after all, are what we honor with the lion’s share of

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Best 5 Kindle Fire HDX Apps

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX apps

Some of the best Kindle Fire HDX Apps are Instapaper,, Sketch Book Pro App, Battery HD Pro App and Neocal Advance Calculator App. Here we can review the apps: (3 raters, 12 scores, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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Best Instant Text Messaging Apps For Smartphones

Instant Text Messaging

As smartphones are evolving at a rapid pace, the way that we are talking with others is also changing. There are new apps and newer functionalities that keep coming up with some great new features. Here is a list of

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Tango vs. Viber: What’s your app?

viber tango

Modern world has led to some drastic changes that have intrigued the society with its attributes. As everything is connected through the internet these days, standard phone calls are gradually decreasing with the increase of VOIP apps. Among the well-known

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