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Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ features released based on your conversations


Whenever you write a sentence in the Facebook Messenger which you mention about owing someone some amount of money, the Messenger will recommend you to use the payment features. If anyone greets “Good-Bye,” the app will suggest the “Bye-Bye” stickers

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Spotify Plans to go Public without an IPO


As the Music industry celebrates two straight years of operation in the tech industry, Spotify, last week, make some moves for it to be ready to join the stock market, which will make them a cooperate company. Although the whole

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How Google Play Store Works


The first thing you have to do to access the Google Play Store app is to use the Sprint 4G, Wi-Fi or data connection of your phone to connect to the Internet and then sign in to your Google account.

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Android 6 versus iOS 9


Android 6 and iOS 9 has remained steady, mainly as the most preferred operating systems in many smartphones. The growth in the Android market has been stimulated by big updates from Apple and Google. With this respect, it has become

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Instagram allows you to post up to 10 media files in 1 swipeable ride


Instagram wants to make you share a more comprehensive view of your personal experiences in a classic way, not just in the form of the simple Snapchat clone. Presently, Instagram released the feature of sharing a mixture of up to

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Yahoo to Launch New Messaging Apps


Yahoo isn’t often spoken about except when in reference to email accounts. However, that may be changing within the next few months with the introduction of Yahoo’s new apps. Yahoo engineers have been working on two new messaging apps, one

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