Truecaller has Plans for India

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Truecaller has Plans for India


Both Google and Truecaller have come together in a way that might give WhatsApp a run for their money in India. After linking with Google, Truecaller will now integrate with the Google Duo payment form. This partnership is only one

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Facebook Targeting Teen Audience with Talk App


The social media giant, Facebook, is looking to continue its long history of forging ahead with new ideas. The most recent idea the Facebook has come up with is the new app for messaging, known as Talk. There will be

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Russia and China Blocks WeChat Messenger App


The well-known Chinese app known as WeChat has recently been blocked by Russia when they denied their contact details to a communications watchdog there. The Russian website states that they have been block since May 4, 2017. (1 raters, 5

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WhatsApp Users, Beware Recent Scam


Essex has recently seen a new round of scams, particularly directly at the WhatsApp messaging service. Users have been reporting that a text message, which says it is being sent from the WhatsApp Service, show up and states that in

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Skype to Become more Message Like


There are tons of apps available out there that can offer you messages, video calls and voice calls, all for free. In light of this, Skype seems to be a less likely option for making these calls. This is a

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Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ features released based on your conversations


Whenever you write a sentence in the Facebook Messenger which you mention about owing someone some amount of money, the Messenger will recommend you to use the payment features. If anyone greets “Good-Bye,” the app will suggest the “Bye-Bye” stickers

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